About me


I live in East London and have done so all my life. I started to take my art seriously in early 2006, and having painted and drawn from a young age, it seemed a natural decision to make. I love all animals which seemed a good place to start. I quickly began to try mediums that I hadn't used before, like pastels, Acrylic, oil, and watercolour. I am completely self taught, but I did attend an Art course at the Sir John Soame's Museum in central London on Icon painting.
I enjoyed my art before, but felt a sense of completeness when painting Icons.
At school I can only boast a number of GCSE's, but have no other qualifications in art.
I have submitted paintings for a couple of years to the Royal Academy's Summer exhibition, and although I have so far been unsuccessful, I will keep on trying!
I do attend a local art club, and have had several paintings bought and displayed at our exhibition.